Muse Machines

by Naughty Saw & Cyclopsycho

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One raindrop, cold.
Did these ripples, unfold.
That within Moon’s drunk sway
By the Sun, turn to gold.


released June 21, 2017

Music by Naughty Saw & Cyclopsycho.
Lyrics by Cyclopsycho.
Mixed and mastered at Marsh Cult Studio.



all rights reserved


Cyclopsycho Olympia, Washington

Cyclopsycho is an ongoing experiment by musician and vocalist Ashley Shomo wherein she plays with voice technique, words, syllables and electronic medium.

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Track Name: Muse
Десять подихів спричиняють хвилі.
Голова відхиляється, пальці завмерли на шиї.
Подих до рота.
До вуст, що зітхають, тої, хто не дихає.
Вчасно - коханець прямує до своєї музи.
Зараз - він вдовольнить кожну її примху.
Пірнати з головою.
У спокій обійм.
Затримати день. Затримати ніч.

* * *

Ten times the breath causing waves.
Head slipping back fingers flat on the neck.
Breath in mouth.
Sighing mouth of the Breathless.
In time, walks the lover to his muse.
Now, he satisfies her every delight.
Diving down.
Into the peace of embrace.
To hold the day. To hold the night.
Track Name: Machines
The machines are never silent.
The insanity is violent.
It's a suffocating haze.
Make it stop. Go away.
Where can I go, away from here?
I cannot find it.
Where is the land? where are the trees?
I cannot find it.
Where is the hand that made all these?
I cannot find it.
And so I crave a little bit of human kindness
And so I go asleep tonight.